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IPAG Asia Pacific initiatives on COVID in Australia

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a heavy toll globally with millions of confirmed cases and hundreds of thousands of deaths. Beyond the loss of lives and health sufferings, the disease has plunged the world into recession with impact expected to last for years and Australia is no exception with reported cases of infection, recoveries and sadly loss of lives as well. Australia’s measures of closing down areas of public life, providing economic stimulus packages such as the ‘Job Keeper’ scheme, spreading validated information, and mobilizing healthcare workers are proving to be effective as the number of new infections is decreasing daily.

To support Australian Government’s efforts in mitigating the virus’ impact, IPAG Asia Pacific has undertaken in-depth research and analysis on the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic on Australia. As part of its responsibility towards the people, community, and society at large in Australia, IPAG has launched an awareness & advocacy campaign through release and promotion of an Audio Visual in the social media and internet based platforms of Australia. The AV addresses various myths and their corresponding realities surrounding the Coronavirus. More to follow in the coming days as the pandemic unfolds and its effects continue to be felt in multiple sectors.

For the G20 Leadership Summit 2020 to be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, following are the COVID 19 related topics on which IPAG Asia Pacific is writing Policy Briefs for the G20 Leadership.

  1. Multilateralism in times of Global Pandemic: The COVID-19 Experience

  2. Social, Cultural, and Community Resilience Efforts during COVID-19 Crisis

  3. The COVID-19 Outbreak and Inequitable access to Global Health Care Systems.

  4. Regional and Global Exchange of Health Services and Information.


Given Australia’s rich and diverse communities, to ensure maximum reach in the most efficient manner, the AV has been translated in 14 of the most popularly spoken languages in Australia. The links to the AVs in each language are provided below which has been published and promoted in various social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The links are provided below in alphabetical order of the languages:















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